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erie boorman

Erie Boorman

Assistant Professor, Center for Mind and Brain and Department of Psychology
Director, Learning and Decision Making Lab

Project Scientists and Postdoctoral Researchers

seongmin park

Seongmin A. Park

Assistant Project Scientist, Center for Mind and Brain and Center for Neuroscience

Research Interests:
The aim of my research is to understand how brains generalize previous experiences, construct structural knowledge, and make a novel decision. My research approach combines behavioral economics, neuroimaging (fMRI and EEG), and computational modeling. 


lindsay rondat

Lindsay Rondot

Postdoctoral Researcher

Degree: PhD, Université de Sorbonne, Paris

Academic interest: I'm fascinated by the mechanisms (computations and their neural correlates) by which integrate new information and make efficient and flexible choices. 

Other academic interests: I like to try and understand the link between the different methods available to record brain activity. I am very curious about the mechanisms of "altered" decision processes (i.e. because of psychiatric disorders or drug use for example)

Hobbies: Music and sailing. Friendly gatherings (dinners, walks, playing games, concerts...), outdoor sports (although I don't really do much), discovering new places I like going to concerts, the theatre and cinema, especially since we can again et voilà :)


mark orloff

Mark Orloff

Postdoctoral Researcher

Degree:  PhD, Virginia Tech
Translational Biology, Medicine, and Health

Research Interests: 
I use computational modeling of neuroeconomic tasks combined with fMRI and intracranial recordings to understand how value-based information is organized and represented in the brain. 

Hobbies: rock climbing, disc golf, snowboarding, video games

Graduate Students

lily zhang

Lily Zhang

Graduate Student​, Department of Psychology

Degree:  B.A. Colgate University. 
Mathematical Economics & Behavioral Neuroscience

Research Interests: 
Neural mechanisms in reinforcement learning. Neuroeconomics. Decision-making regulated by emotions.


sarah sweigart

Sarah​ Sweigart

Graduate Student, Department of Psychology​

Degree: Psychology and Economics​

Research Interests:
Studying the neural mechanisms of value judgments, learning, risky decisions, and memory.​


phillip witkowski

Phillip Witkowski

Graduate Student, Department of Psychology

Degree: B.A. Psychology / B.A. Anthropology

Primary Academic Interests: The neural mechanisms the underlie causal learning, information sampling and visual attention

Secondary Academic Interest: Anthropology and philosophy of science

Hobbies: Traditional archery, Dungeons and Dragons, listening to metal.


carlos carrasco

Carlos Carrasco 

Graduate Student, Neuroscience Graduate Group, Department of Psychology 

Degree: B.S. Neuroscience 

Research Interests:
Neural Mechanisms of decision making, memory, and causal learning.

Hobbies: Guitar, skateboarding, watching youtube, hanging out with friends.

Junior Specialists

nam nguyen

Nam Anh Nguyen

Junior Specialist & Lab Manager

Degree: B.A. Psychology

​Research Interests: Structural learning and cognitive maps.

Hobbies: Piano, music (modern/indie jazz, soul, R&B), badminton, clinical psychology (Rogers, Jung).

Undergraduate Research Assistants 

anastasia leones

Anastasia Leones

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Degree: B.S. Biopsychology

Research Interests:  Hello! I'm Anastasia. I am interested in research, specifically learning and decision making. After graduation, I hope to work in a NIH post-bac program as a junior specialist before applying to graduate school for my PhD in neuroscience. 

Hobbies: Weight-lifting, hiking/exploring new places, drawing, and cooking.
alexandra yip

Alexandria Yip

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Degree: B.S. Computer Science, minor in mathematics

Research Interests: Algorithms, mathematical modeling. 

Hobbies: Rock music, yoga, photography, philosophy.


riddhi barbhaiya

Riddhi Barbhaiya

Undergraduate Research Assistant - Class of 2022

Degree: B.S. Cognitive Science and Statistics

Research Interests: I am interested in how computational methods can be used to understand the neural mechanisms of memory and learning. 

Hobbies: ​Running, hiking, skating, embroidery.

mia fagan

Mia Fagan

Undergraduate Research Assistant - Class of 2022

Degree: B.S. Cognitive Science, Minor in Economics

Research InterestsI’m interested in acquiring lab experience involving the interdisciplinary nature of learning and decision making.

Hobbies: ​Cooking, working out, spending time with friends and family.


Seigo Ninomiya

Undergraduate Research Assistant - Class of 2022 

Degree: B.A. Cognitive Science

Research Interests: fMRI&EEG methods and computational neuroscience

Hobbies: ​Drumming, Surfing, Stand-up Comedy